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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Have you got birds making your solar panels their home? Do you need to stop pigeons and other birds from nesting under your solar panels?

Our solar panel bird proofing service are British Pest Control Association qualified and includes cleaning your solar panels, removing nests and installing a secure wire mesh system to prevent the problem recurring.

Our solar panel bird proofing service covers all Hertfordshire towns & villages as well as North London!


Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Birds nesting under your solar panels is not uncommon because the warmth of the solar panels naturally make an attractive living space for pigeons and other birds.  However, this can cause a nuisance at best to the homeowner and at worst this can cause damage and additional blockages, such as blocked gutters and drains.

We’ve installed many solar panel bird proofing systems for homes and at commercial properties which involves bird nest removal, solar panel cleaning and then a bird proofing system install to prevent birds from taking a liking to your solar panels!

One vital aspect of installing bird proofing systems for solar panels is taking into consideration regulations surrounding the removal of nests and eggs.  As a British Pest Control Association qualified company, Herts Exterior Cleaning will survey your solar panels and ensure that the clearance and installation of the bird proofing system is done in humanely and in accordance with all current regulations, in particular the Wildlife & Countryside Act.

As you can see from the example photos, our systems are effective at stopping pigeons and other birds from nesting under your solar panels and furthermore, the system doesn’t take away from the aesthetics of the solar panel installation.

Another huge advantage to having a bird proofing system installed around your solar panels is that going forward it will ensure much less by the way of bird droppings.  It’s not uncommon to lose as much as 25% of your solar panel efficiency because of general dirt and bird droppings build up.

Get a quote for solar panel bird proofing – it’s often much less than you think to have a system installed. 


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How to prevent pigeons and other birds from nesting under solar panels

The bird proofing mesh system that we install can be fitted to any solar panel setup and is highly effective at preventing birds from nesting under your solar panels.  

As you can see from other happy customer photos, there’s absolutely no way for birds to regain entry after they’ve been evicted!

Due to the material being used, it’s a long lasting solution and a good option to retrofit to any solar panels.

If your solar panels have become dirty then bird droppings will undoubtedly be contributing to this.  If your solar panels are in need of a clean, we also offer a solar panel cleaning service covering all of Hertfordshire and North London.


If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable solar panel bird proofing installer, whether that be Hertfordshire or North London then look no further. We’re a fully insured, highly experienced small team of solar panel and exterior cleaning experts and bird proofing installers.

We predominantly work at residential homes but offer commercial solar panel bird proofing systems too for properties of all sizes.

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