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 Solar Panel Cleaning

Improve the look and efficiency of your solar panels by having them cleaned by professional solar panel cleaners.

Give us a call or complete the quote form opposite and one of our friendly solar panel cleaning team will give you a quote over the phone or arrange a convenient time to survey the solar panels at your home or business free of charge.

Our solar panel cleaning service covers all Hertfordshire towns & villages as well as North London!


Solar Panel CLEANING

How often should I have my solar panels cleaned?

We recommend that your solar panels are cleaned once per year to maintain optimal efficiency.

Our solar panel cleaning service covers the whole of Hertfordshire towns and villages, as well as all areas of North London. 

There’s no need for scaffolding because we use a soft washing process using extendable poles.  This means it’s a safer for us as we can clean your solar panels from safety of the ground, and also ensures that the solar panels do not become damaged during the process.

Our specialists will thoroughly clean your solar panels, getting rid of dirt and bird droppings, the two most common build ups!

Can I have my solar panels pressure washed?

No! You should always opt to have your solar panels soft washed.  This is a process that will negate the possibility of your solar panels becoming damaged during washing.  The most common risk with pressure washing solar panels is cracking them thus causing water ingress.  Solar panels are built to last but anyone attempting to clean them should be experienced and follow the correct procedures to ensure a long lasting finish.

The most common situation of solar panels is naturally the roof of your home or business premises.  Because of this, it’s only natural that being exposed constantly that they’ll over time become dirty.

Our claim of improving efficiency of your solar panels by cleaning them regularly is confirmed by NREL (The National Renewable Energy Laboratory) – according to research, solar panels can lose up to 25% of their efficiency due to simply being dirty!

Gutter Cleaners

There’s no way to prevent dirt from gathering on your solar panels, so having them cleaned once every year or two will ensure they stay in optimal condition.

Another service that can help your solar panels stay cleaner for longer is bird proofing.  The most common bird we find nesting under solar panels are pigeons. Once your solar panels have been cleaned, we can install a bird proofing system to prevent recurring nesting.

No more birds – No more bird droppings on your solar panels!

Our solar panel cleaners are British Pest Control Association qualified and have years of experience installing bird-proofing systems.

Get more information about solar panel bird proofing.


If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable solar panel cleaning service covering your area, whether that be Hertfordshire or North London then look no further. We’re a fully insured, highly experienced small team of solar panel and exterior cleaning experts also offering bird proofing systems.

We predominantly work at residential homes but offer commercial solar panel cleaning too for properties of all sizes.

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